id metalco, Inc.

id metalco, Inc. is pleased to introduce METALCO, characterized best by their high quality and high design. Celebrating over 30 years experience worldwide, METALCO has always been at the cutting edge with a range of products that continue to improve the quality of life in cities throughout the world.

Along with our exclusive representative in South Carolina, Churchich Recreation & Design, id metalco, Inc. is committed to providing great service and increasing brand awareness for METALCO, an already internationally recognized street furniture manufacturer.

The METALCO brand is comprised of over 3,000 items of street furniture honed from galvanized and powder coated steel, stainless steel, corten steel, aluminum, wood, marble stone and granite stone, brought to life in various shapes and colors. Harmonious composition, a fine balance between shape and form, clean aesthetics, refined structures – all of these elements that kindle pleasant emotive and visual sensations in city environments and define the METALCO brand. These designs owe their success to the intuition of the designers within METALCO and the valuable partnerships with some of the most important and successful firms in the design world.

  • Featuring id metalco, Inc.

    Characterized by high quality and high design offering simple lines and great style with over 3,000 items of street furniture.

  • Types of Products

    Provides benches, planters, trash receptacles, bike racks, bollards,  bus shelters, and more…

  • Typical Warranties

    The typical warranty package is based on a two-year total warranty and an additional seven-year warranty against corrosion.

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